Congressman Harry Mitchell I will vote for YOUR pork if you vote for MY pork


Sleazy moves in health reform buy off Senators and Congressmen

Congressman Harry Mitchell I will vote for YOUR pork if you vote for MY pork. We will both win and the American public will get screwed and have to pay for it. Sorry that's how government works!


Sleazy moves in health reform buy off senator

by Michael Gerson - Dec. 22, 2009 12:00 AM

Washington Post Writers Group

Sometimes there is a fine ethical line between legislative maneuvering and bribery. At other times, that line is crossed by a speeding, honking tractor-trailer, with outlines of shapely women on mud flaps bouncing as it rumbles past.

Such was the case in the final hours of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's successful attempt to get cloture on health-care reform. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the last Democratic holdout, was offered and accepted a permanent exemption from his state's share of Medicaid expansion, amounting to $100 million over 10 years.

Afterward, Reid was unapologetic. "You'll find," he said, "a number of states that are treated differently than other states. That's what legislating is all about."

But legislating, presumably, is also about giving public reasons for the expenditure of public funds. Are Cornhuskers particularly sickly and fragile? Is there a malaria outbreak in Grand Island? Ebola detected in Lincoln?

Reid didn't even attempt to offer a reason why Medicaid in Nebraska should be treated differently from, say, Medicaid across the Missouri River in Iowa. The majority leader bought a vote with someone else's money. Does this conclusion sound harsh? Listen to Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who accused the Senate leadership and the administration of "backroom deals that amount to bribes," and "seedy Chicago politics" that "personifies the worst of Washington."

This special deal for Nebraska raises an immediate question: Why doesn't every Democratic senator demand the same treatment for their state?

Eventually, they will. After the Nelson deal was announced, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa enthused, "When you look at it, I thought well, God, good, it is going to be the impetus for all the states to stay at 100 percent (coverage by the federal government). So he might have done all of us a favor." In a single concession, Reid undermined the theory of Medicaid - designed as a shared burden between states and the federal government - and added to future federal deficits.

Unless this little sweetener is stripped from the final bill by a House-Senate conference committee in January, leaving Nelson with a choice. He could enrage his party by blocking reform for the sake of $100 million - making the narrowness of his interests clear to everyone. Or he could give in - looking not only venal but foolish.

How did Nelson gain such leverage in the legislative process in the first place? Because many assumed that his objections to abortion coverage in the health bill were serious - not a cover, but a conviction.

Nelson, a rare pro-life Democrat, insisted in an interview he would not be a "cheap date." Republican leadership staffers in the Senate thought he might insist on language in the health-care bill preventing public funds from going to insurance plans that cover abortion on demand, as Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak had done in the House.

Instead, Nelson caved. The "compromise" he accepted allows states to prohibit the coverage of elective abortions in their own insurance exchanges. Which means that Nebraska taxpayers may not be forced to subsidize insurance plans that cover abortions in Nebraska. But they will certainly be required to subsidize such plans in California, New York and many other states.

In the end, Nelson not only surrendered his own beliefs, he betrayed the principle of the Hyde Amendment, which since 1976 has prevented the coverage of elective abortion in federally funded insurance. Nelson not only violated his own pro-life convictions, he may force millions of Americans to violate theirs as well.

I can respect those who are pro-life out of conviction, and those who are pro-choice out of conviction. It is more difficult to respect politicians willing to use their deepest beliefs - and the deepest beliefs of others - as bargaining chips.

In a single evening, Nelson managed to undermine the logic of Medicaid, abandon three decades of protections under the Hyde Amendment and increase the public stock of cynicism. For what? For the sake of legislation that greatly expands a health entitlement without reforming the health system; that siphons hundreds of billions of dollars out of Medicare, instead of using that money to reform Medicare itself; that imposes seven taxes on Americans making less than $250,000 a year, in direct violation of a presidential pledge; that employs Enron-style accounting methods to inflate future cost savings; that pretends to tame the insurance companies while making insurance companies the largest beneficiaries of reform.

And, yes, for $100 million. It is the cheap-date equivalent of Taco Bell.

The way government works is Congressman Harry Mitchell says "I will vote for YOUR pork if you vote for MY pork". And that is how the health care bill is being passed. All of the Senators and Congressmen get a cut of the pork and the American public gets screwed and pays the bill! Don't worry about Congressman Harry Mitchell felling bad for screwing the American people. Congressman Harry Mitchell is crying all the way to the bank!

"I don't know if there's a senator that doesn't have something in this bill that was important to them" Reid said


Health care bill clears 2nd Senate hurdle Tues.

Posted 12/22/2009 9:09 AM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) ó Two down and one to go. The health care bill has passed another 60-vote test in the Senate. Democrats remained united as they started voting at sunrise Tuesday, pushing toward their goal of passing President Barack Obama's health care overhaul by Christmas.

With not a vote to spare, the Senate voted 60-39 to shut off debate on Majority Leader Harry Reid's version of the bill. An earlier vote to approve a 400-page package of changes that sealed Democratic support for the health care bill also passed 60-39, though only a simple majority was required. No Republicans voted in favor.

With partisan feelings running high, Reid appealed to senators to forgo personal attacks. Democrats must pass another 60-vote test Wednesday before they vote on final passage, expected to come on Christmas Eve.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Exhausted but happy Democratic leaders began nudging their painstakingly crafted health care compromise a step closer to pre-Christmas passage with three votes that started as the sun rose Tuesday.

Only one requires the difficult tally of 60 senators, and the outcome of that vote -- to overcome GOP opposition to the sweeping legislation -- is preordained. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has herded 58 Democrats and two independents into line through a combination of wheedling, cajoling and dispensing special deals. The strategy has Republicans irate.

"That's not change you can believe in. That's sleazy," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told NBC's "Today" show Tuesday, just before the voting began.

Reid makes no apologies.

"I don't know if there's a senator that doesn't have something in this bill that was important to them, and if they don't have something in it important to them, then it doesn't speak well of them," Reid said Monday.

Graham cited the example of $100 million in the legislation to pay the full cost of a Medicaid expansion in Nebraska -- home to Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson, the crucial 60th vote for the bill. Another concession, sought by Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., exempts roughly 800,000 seniors in Florida from potential benefit cuts by private Medicare Advantage plans.

The 10-year, nearly $1 trillion plan would extend coverage to some 30 million uninsured Americans, with a new requirement for almost everyone to purchase insurance. Subsidies would be provided to help lower-income people do so, and businesses would be encouraged to cover their employees through a combination of tax breaks and penalties.

Unpopular insurance company practices such as denying coverage to people with existing health conditions would be banned. Uninsured or self-employed Americans would have a new way to buy health insurance, via marketplaces called exchanges where private insurers would sell health plans required to meet certain minimum standards.

The legislation will make a "tremendous difference for families, for seniors, for businesses and for the country as a whole," Obama said Monday.

The American Medical Association announced its endorsement after Reid made some last-minute changes to please the doctors. A 5 percent tax on elective cosmetic surgery procedures was replaced with a 10 percent tax on indoor tanning services; a proposed fee on physicians to enroll in Medicare was dropped; and payment cuts to specialty and other physicians to pay for bonuses to primary care doctors in underserved areas were also eliminated, said the AMA's president-elect, Dr. Cecil B. Wilson.

"America has the best health care in the world -- if you can get it," Wilson said at a press conference with Reid and other leaders. "For far too many people access to care is out of reach because they lack insurance. This is not acceptable to physicians."

Democrats prevailed 60-40 over Republican opposition on the first test early Monday, voting to block a threatened GOP filibuster of a last-minute package of Democratic amendments. Tuesday morning a simple majority will be required to approve the amendments, and then 60 votes to move to consideration of Reid's bill.

A final 60-vote hurdle awaits Wednesday, and final passage of the legislation -- requiring a simple majority -- is set for late Thursday, Christmas Eve, if Republicans take all the available time. As of Monday they said they would.

"I am willing to stay here. The flight that I have is Christmas morning, and I don't plan on changing that reservation," Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., told reporters after a meeting of GOP senators. "We potentially are getting ready to pass a bill that there's no question in my mind is going to lead to huge deficits down the road."

The Senate measure would still have to be harmonized with health care legislation passed by the House before a final bill could go to Obama. Us Rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers want to thank Tempe Congressman Harry Mitchell from the bottom of our hearts for the $700 billion in government pork you have given us! Thanks a million Harry! Or perhaps better said would be thanks $700 billion Harry Mitchell!

Thank you Congressman Harry Mitchell for the $700 billion in corporate welfare you have given us. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

While many Americans may be angry and think Congressman Harry Mitchell is screwing them the $700 billion is government pork Congressman Harry Mitchell is giving us rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers the $700 billion only amounts to about $2,333 for every man, woman and child in the U.S.A. Sure some whiners will complain that since children donít pay taxes that Congressman Harry Mitchell is forcing every adult to pay $5,000 in taxes. But really $5,000 in taxes isnít that much to help out a rich Wall Street Broker who is having bad times.

Listen to this letter from Robert ďBig BucksĒ Highlife who wrote a thank you letter to Congressman Harry Mitchell. The $5,000 every adult American will have to pay for this corporate welfare to Wall Street Bankers and Brokers isnít that much!

Congressman Harry Mitchell
PO BOX 23748
Tempe, AZ

Congressman Harry Mitchell
2434 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.

Congressman Harry Mitchell
7201 East Camelback Road, Suite 335
Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Congressman Harry Mitchell:

I am a rich Wall Street Mortgage broker and I would like to deeply thank all the American people for the help they are giving us.

Although the bail out will cost $700 billion which is $2,333 for every man, woman, and child in the USA or about $5,000 for every American adult, since children donít pay taxes I assure you the bail out is worth every penny of the $700 billion.

With out it I would have to cancel my familyís upcoming vacation in the Bahamas, put off remodeling my winter vacation home in Vail, Colorado and make do with driving my old Mercedes instead of buying a new one like I do every year.

Again I wish to deeply thank Congressman Harry Mitchell for your help.


Robert ďBig BucksĒ Highlife
3428 Sunset Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA

Congressman Harry Mitchell can be bought by rich corporations

Congressman Harry Mitchell piles the BS high and deep to convince the little guy that he is on the side of a smaller government with less taxes. But when it comes to walking the talk if you give Congressman Harry Mitchell a big enough campaign contribution you can count on him giving rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers lots of corporate welfare and pork.

Here are a few of the lies Congressman Harry Mitchell has told the little people, you know the serfs he rules over to get elected and re-elected.

  • He also voted against billions in wasteful subsidies to corporate farmers. [But he voted to give us Rich Wall Street Brokers & Bankers almost $1 trillion in corporate welfare, well $700 billion to be exact]
  • He supported historic legislation to clean up corruption in Congress, end the influence of Washington special interests, and cut wasteful pork barrel spending [But he voted to give us Rich Wall Street Brokers & Bankers in $700 billion corporate welfare, or perhaps it might be a $700 billion slush fund for him and other members of Congress to give to themselves and special interest groups that give them money]
  • After years of misplaced priorities in Washington, weíre finally moving forward and thatís why Iíd be honored to continue to serve you in Congress [Serve YOU the citizen, nope the $700 billion in corporate pork to Rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers means he serves the special interest groups that give him money]
  • Harry Mitchell voted to repeal $14 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil companies [yea but he voted to screw the little guy and give $700 billion in corporate pork to Rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers]
  • To ease our tax burden, Harry Mitchell opposed a pay raise for Congress [yea but he voted to give $700 billion in corporate pork to Rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers and he will get more in campaign contributions out of that then he ever would have made from that silly pay raise he opposed]
  • He is working to bring spending under control so our children are not left with the burden of our debt [yea sure! But he gave $700 billion in corporate pork to Rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers which will increase the national debt by almost 10 percent from $9 trillion to almost $10 trillion and our children will be stuck with that bill]

Congressman Harry Mitchell lies about voting for $700 billion in Wall Street Welfare

Congressman Harry Mitchell says itís just a itty bitty white lie!, Yea a $700 billion white lie!

Congressman Harry Mitchell will lie again and again and tell you that he voted AGAINST the $700 billion in corporate welfare for us rich Wall Street Bankers and Brokers.

Even though Congressman Harry Mitchell did vote FOR the $700 billion in corporate welfare for rich Wall Street Bankers which was signed into law by President Bush he will lie and say he voted against it.

Well technically Congressman Harry Mitchell did vote against the FIRST $700 billion bill to give corporate welfare to us Wall Street Fat Cats. And Congressman Harry Mitchell will justify that no vote as a reason to lie and tell you he didnít vote for the $700 billion corporate welfare bill he voted FOR the second time which was signed into law by President Bush.

To a person with the honesty and ethics the size of a virus he will justify it as a white lie, while he really did vote to give $700 billion of the American publics money to Rich Wall Street Fat Cats which will cost every adult in the country a little over $5,000.

A slush fund for Congressman Harry Mitchell?

Is it really pork for rich Wall Street bankers and brokers? Or is it a slush fund for Congressman Harry Mitchell and the President George W. Bush?

Will President Bush and Congressman Harry Mitchell told us that this $700 billion bailout is really to prevent Wall Street from collapsing the bill ainít written that way! Typical double talk from Congress and government, say one thing make to yourself look good and do another thing to steal money from us taxpayers and use it to line your pockets.

The bill says nothing on who will get $700 billion stolen from you and me. The bill just allows the Presidents office to hand out the money to anyone it wants to with no strings attached!

I suspect this means the Congress and the President will use the $700 billion as a slush fund which they give money to special interest groups that gave them money. And of course there is nothing in the bill to prevent them from giving parts of the $700 billion to themselves!

So saying that this bill is going to bail out Wall Street is almost certainly a lie! The $700 billion will almost certainly be used as a slush fund for Congress and the President to give out money to themselves and the people that support them!

Harry Mitchell has been a government parasite all his life

Congressman Harry Mitchell has been a government parasite all his life and lived off of money the government has stolen from you and me in a form of theft they call taxes. Congressman Harry Mitchell has never worked an honest day in his life in the private sector. In the private sector money is made the honest way where goods or services are traded for money or bartered. In government the only way money is made is by stealing it at gunpoint from the taxpayers. They use the politically correct term taxes to describe this form of theft.

Congressman Harry Mitchell first job was a government schoolteacher at Tempe High School. He taught history and government and like to brag he ruled his class with an iron fist!

Congressman Harry Mitchell didnít even know he was teaching the kids a bunch of BS about government until he started working in the Arizona House of Representatives. There he found out he had been teaching government as it is supposed to work, not as it actually works.

Congressman Harry Mitchellís second job as a government parasite was being Mayor of Tempe where he like to lie to us with the politically incorrect oxymoron that he made Old Town Tempe popular.

The truth is then Tempe Mayor Harry Mitchell drove a lot of the mom and pop merchants and stores out of downtown Tempe and replaced them with yuppie chain stores which bring more revenue in the form of sales tax to the Tempe government.

Old Town Tempe is an oxymoron because all the most of the old original stores are gone. It would be better called New Town Tempe. Or perhaps the Royal Court Yard of Tempe government.

After leaving as Mayor of Tempe Congressman Harry Mitchell continued to be a government parasite and worked in the Arizona State government where he was a member of the House. There he was a Tax and Spend Democrat! Sadly now days there is not much difference between a Tax and Spend Democrat and a Tax and Spend Republican.

Congressman Harry Mitchell is still a government parasite, now working for the Federal Government in Washington D.C. as a Congressman from Arizona.

It seems to be that you can say once a government parasite, always a government parasite. While Congressman Harry Mitchell does nothing to produce wealth for us he does steal wealth from one person and give it to special interest groups that support him.

In this case he has voted to steal $700 billion from you and me and give it to rich Wall Street Bankers and Brokers or if what I think will happen is used it for a slush fund to give to themselves and special interest groups. Remember that $700 billion dollars is about $2,333 for every man, woman and child in the U.S.A. And since children donít pay taxes the $700 billion welfare plan for rich Wall Street Bankers and Brokers will cost each adult in the U.S.A. about $5,000 in taxes.

Other Arizona Congressmen the Rich Wall Street Brokers and Bankers support

We Rich Wall Street Bankers and Brokers would also like to tell the world we love and support these Arizona Congressmen and Arizona Senators too. Thanks a million for voting to give us Rich Wall Street Bankers and Brokers $700 billion in corporate welfare, more commonly called government pork. Well make that thanks 700 billion dollars.

Whatís the difference between a normal person and a government parasite?

A normal person creates wealth or provides services for other people. A government parasite steals money from the people he rules and uses the stolen money for himself and to support the special interest groups that help him.

A cabinetmaker that buys wood for $1,000 and then turns the wood into to a set of nice cabinets which he sells for $2,000 creates $1,000 in wealth. That is good old fashion hard work being used to create wealth.

A government ruler who forces you to give him $2,000 in taxes and then uses $1,000 of the cash to support himself and gives the other $1,000 out to help the homeless will brag that he is a great ruler who helps people.

But in reality a government ruler who forces you to give him $2,000 in taxes is nothing more then a theft who steals money from you and then uses it to support himself and his friends.

A government ruler who forces you to give him $2,000 in taxes not any different then a mafia thug who charges you $2,000 in protection money not to break your legs, spends $1,000 of the money on himself and then gives the other $1,000 out to help the homeless. They both are thieves!

Congressman Harry Mitchell slings the BS

When election time comes around politicians start shoveling the BS high and wide. Check out some of the BS Congressman Harry Mitchell is slinging! It slings the BS as high and as far as any other Congressman or Presidential candidate can!

How to get corporate welfare from Congressman Harry Mitchell?

Want to learn how to become a rich fat cat like us Wall Street Bankers and Brokers? Come to the Strategic Edge Business Alliance and you will learn how to suck the tit of corporate welfare from government nannies like Congressman Harry Mitchell. Well not really! The folks at the Strategic Edge Business Alliance dislike Congressman Harry Mitchell as much as the Wall Street Bankers and Brokers like him. But you can come to our meeting and have some fun!

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Images we used for this hit

Some more news on that $700 billion corporate welfare program!

237 members of Congress are millionaires!

Congressman Harry Mitchell a master as shoveling the BS

More news on Harry Mitchell and the band of theives in Washington D.C. called Congress

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